Did you know RoutineFactory is now available, the successor of AutiPlan?

With even more ways support self-reliance, structure & predicatability using apps and digital information boards.

More information on the RoutineFactory website!

Where do you want to use AutiPlan?

Families and private use

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Create more structure and balance in your family. We have a basic and full version:

Basic Full
Plan activities with 11.000 pictos
Print the schedules
Plan faster with templates
Upload your own images as pictos
Viewer with speech on PC, tablet or laptop
Android app with speech and notifications
Repeating schedules
Cost free! $ 7.99 /month ($79.90 yearly)

You can test the full version for 30 days for free, without any obligations. You can switch anytime from the basic version to the full version and back again.


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Provide clients with a concrete scheduling aid. Perfect for use in schools, daycare or agencies:

  • Support your clients in their daily routine with Visual Schedules
  • Use schedule templates and automatic schedules to save a lot of time, every day!
  • Give your clients the tools to be more self-supporting with the Android-app
  • Easily manage day schedules for multiple clients from one central place
  • PlanViewer on PC or tablet with support for multiple clients for use in daycare or schools

Fully test AutiPlan for 30 days for free, without any obligations!

Please contact us for more information on AutiPlan can help your organization and pricing