Bring picto-planning in the classroom ...

No matter if you are a school for special education or a regular school, it is likely that you have students in the classroom with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDDNOS or ADHD.

Read how AutiPlan & picto planning can help getting your students more structured & organized

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Bring picto-planning in the classroom!

Planning activities using short descriptions and clear pictograms can help maintain structure & overview for individual students or groups.

Teachers or supervisors can use the easy planner interface to create day plans for multiple students from one central place.

Because AutiPlan is completely online there is nothing to install, you can start using the system within 5 minutes!

Effective planning for multiple students

By using the plan viewer you can always have the most recent picto plan available in your classroom.

The plan viewer is a separate part of AutiPlan and shows activities which are planned by the teacher or supervisor using the planner.

Each individual student can use the the plan viewer by selecting his or her name and picture. The plan viewer will then show which activities are planned for that moment, complete with speech and a clear describing picture. The system will also show how much time is left until the next activity.

The student keeps overview by 'ticking off' activities which are done. The teacher or supervisor can easily monitor if all activities are being performed.

You can use the plan viewer one or multiple locations in your classroom, the only thing needed is a PC or tablet with (limited) internet access.

Promote independence

With AutiPlan the teacher can plan activities during school hours, while the parents use their own account to plan time outside school.

Plan from school and home

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