Support a daily routine with Visual Schedules!

Visual scheduling with AutiPlan is suitable for everybody who can use some additional help with their daily routine. A Visual Schedule reduces stress by providing structure and predictability.

If you use the Visual Schedule through the Android-app, it It works by providing a clear Visual Schedule of all activities and tasks during a day. The schedule uses a combination of text, pictures, photos, speech and alarms.

We have first hand experience how much time and effort it takes to manually create a Visual Schedule every... single... day.... In fact, this proves to be too much for most parents, even though they know what a difference a Visual Schedule can make.

This is exactly why we created AutiPlan!

  • Provide structure and predictability clear Visual Schedules
  • Stimulate Self-Reliance with the App
  • Save at least 90% of your time!

Since AutiPlan works in any modern webbrowser you can use it anywhere without having to install anything. You can get started right now!

There is a tour available in the planner to guide you through your first steps!

First: Create a Visual Schedule

This is how it works:

  • Log into the AutiPlan website and schedule some activities
  • You can choose from thousands of pictograms and use keywords to find the ones you need
    With the full version you can also add your own images and photos!
  • Scheduling works by just dragging and dropping images, setting a start time and providing a activity description
  • Use templates to schedule an entire day with only a few clicks!

Use the day- and week schedules

After you have scheduled activities for a set of days you can use the schedules in three ways:

  • Print the schedule, you can choose from multiple formats.
    Printing is available in the free basic version. With the full version you can also change the layout, sizes and other aspects.
  • Synchronize the schedule to a mobile phone.
    Always have the most current schedule available on a smartphone or tablet and you can mark activities as completed. You can use alarms, countdown timers and speech. This stimulates self-reliance and provides an easy way to check the schedule discreetly.
  • Display on a PC, Laptop or (iPad) tablet.
    Lets the person using the schedules view them in any webbrowser, i.e from an iPad using the PlanViewer. Also provides a countdown timer for easy time visualization and speech!

Convinced? Just sign up now and give it a shot!
No strings attached!

Encourage Self-Reliance with alarm notifications and speech!

App for people with Autism

With the AutiPlan app on a phone or tablet you will never forget a task or activity again. You will get a alarm using speech, sound & vibration as soon as an activity or task should be started.

Keep track of the daily activities by checking them off and looking ahead.

You can simply install the AutiPlan app from the Google Play store on a Android phone or tablet.

Daily routine on a iPad, PC or laptop

We have a special version of the app which runs from any browser. The PlanViewer will show a list of currently scheduled activities and will also let you check them off as completed. There is an option to show a countdown timer which shows how much time is left.

The PlanViewer also lets you take a look at the week-schedule, which helps to get a better overview.

Both the Android app and the PlanViewer in the browser are able to speak out the activity descriptions. This helps keeping focus on the task at hand, without you constantly intervening!

Our mission is to make working with Visual Schedules fun, easy and simple. Try it our yourself, no obligations!