How to help a child with autism to keep focus and attention on a task?

Issues with focus and attention

Sometimes children and adults have difficulty keeping focus the task at hand. They get distracted with other things happening around them or thoughts buzzing around. For children with autism or ADHD this is often even more a problem.

Children with autism find it hard to work and focus on things that do not interest them where they have no problems keeping focus on specific things they like.

Paying attention to a task or set of tasks is a skill which need to develop over time. To focus we need to sort out and filter information. For children with autism this can be an challenge to develop.

Use a phone or tablet to help keep focus!

The app on a phone with the timer and two tasks completed

With the AutiPlan app you can utilize a modern aid like mobiles phone or tablets to help keep focus on activities and tasks in the daily routine.

How does this work?

With our online planning tool you can create a clear visual schedule for each day. This schedule is than automatically synchronized to the mobile phone or tablet of the child or adult with autism.

The app helps keep focus by:

  • Using alarm notifications when a task should start
  • Keep reminding to complete the task
  • Provide a countdown timer to help complete the task in time
  • Use speech to attract and keep focus on a task
  • Let the child or adult check off completed tasks, thus keeping overview

We know the AutiPlan app already helps lot of children and adults keeping focus and through their daily routine, so why no test it for yourself?

Try it out, you can simply install the app on a Android phone or tablet from the Google Play Store. You can test it for free without any obligations!

How to get started:

That's it! You can now start testing visual schedules with alarm, notifications and timers!

So what can you do to help keep focus?

There are a few techniques to help a person with autism keep focus on tasks and activities and help them through their daily schedule.

Provide structure

By organizing and presenting the tasks at hand in a logical easy to follow list you help the child or adult with autism feeling more confident.

Provide predictability

Sudden changes in the activities or tasks might give a child or adult with autism stress and uncertainty. By providing changes to the daily routine beforehand you can take this anxiety away. In this way changes will not disrupt a build up structure of tasks.

Eliminate distractions

Children and adults with autism are often more easily distracted by sounds and other activity. Eliminate as much of the background noise as possible. This helps keeping the focus on a single task at hand.


By providing small rewards every time an activity or set of tasks is completed you can positivly reward focus!

Our mission is to make working with visual day schedules fun, easy and simple. Try it our yourself, no obligations!

Please note: AutiPlan does not provide medical or legal advice or services. Always consult an healthcare professional for your specific situation!