Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Asked Frequently. With Answers.

Creating a Visual Schedule

Where do I begin making a Visual Schedule?

You can easily create a schedule by going to the planner in your internet browser on computer or tablet.

How do I add a person to create a Visual Schedule for?

To create a schedule, you first select the person who is going to use it. Open the planner.

Next, click from the start screen: Add person

After this, the person appears on de left side of your screen. Click the name of the person to make a new schedule.

How can I create a schedule for a specific day?

Add the person you want to make a schedule for.

Next, click on the name of the person in the left.

Now a calender appears on a new screen.

In that calender you have to pick the day you want to make a schedule for.

How can I add new activities to the schedule?

Add new activities to a schedule by dragging the images from the center column to the right column. You can track the image by clicking in holding on the image of moving the mouse.

For each activity or group of activities, you can select the starting time. To do this, click the rectangle with the small clock that appears on the left of the image.

How can I change the order of planned activities?

Drag the image to the desired timeslot.

How can I change the description of the activities?

After you have dragged the image to the schedule, you can click the text area. Then, you can add a new description for the activity.

Printing the schedule

How can I print the visual schedule?

Create a schedule for a day, then click print from the menu.

You can now see what the visual schedule will look like on paper. You can choose between different layouts and features.

Using the same technique, you can also print a template in this manner.

How can I change the size of the clock in the images?

When you are in the print screen, you can click that that Kristen. You can use the sliders to change the size of the different elements on the schedule.

Using your own images

How can I use my own images?

First, start creating a visual schedule for a person, click on a date in the calendar or edit a template.

When you see the list of available image, click the 'Select set' link, and then click 'create your own'.

You can now choose a name for your personal image set and start.

Where can I find my uploaded images?

First, start creating a visual schedule for a person.

Next click the 'Select set' link and then select your own image set.

Prices and payment

Do I have to pay to use AutiPlan?

We have a free solution available for families only. This free version contains all the basics of visual scheduling, including all the images, printing and templates. The paid version has a few extras like the PlanViewer, Android app, custom images and more print options. When you sign up for AutiPlan, you will get the full version for 30 days. After this, you will be automatically switched over to the free version. If you want to make full use of AutiPlan and all of its features, it’s easy to get a subscription.

For organizations we have a paid subscription with extra features that are especially useful in a professional context.

How much does AutiPlan cost?

For families, the free version is… free.

If you want to make the most of visual scheduling, you can get a subscription for $7.95 (€5.95) per month. If you pay per year, you get two months free!

Please contact us for a custom quotation if you want to use AutiPlan professionally.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

No. We will not renew your subscription, so we will not automatically charge you for anything.

It's up to you to renew your AutiPlan subscription, we will send you an email when your subscription is about to expire.

How can I stop my subscription?

An AutiPlan subscription will never be automatically renewed. Just refrain from renewing your subscription and it will expire automatically.

How can I switch to the paid version?

When you are logged into the planner, click Account & settings at the top of the screen.

How can I pay?

You can pay securely with PayPal, credit card (through PayPal) or wire transfer.

Why do you have a paid subscription, I want everything to be free!

It takes a lot of time, money and energy to create a polished program like AutiPlan. A large part of our time is dedicated to improve and to promote our product. At this moments all revenue is reinvested in AutiPlan. We are continuously improving the software and go to great lengths to make AutiPlan the best tool for new and existing customers. Also, we want to get the word out, so we also need to invest in marketing activities.

Without the paid subscription (and the people that buy it), it would be impossible to have such a fast, polished and easy to use product. Besides that, a large percentage of people that are using AutiPlan with not know that it existed.

By the way, we are not finished yet! We have a lot of plans to make further improvements to AutiPlan and we really want to ensure that everyone who can benefit from a visual schedule knows that AutiPlan exists.

Templates and repeating

If I have to create a schedule for every day, it takes a lot of time. How can we speed things up?

You can use templates to copy entire daily schedules to the current day. This can save a lot of time! Just create an ordinary visual schedule, and click on templates. Then, click on ‘New template from day’ and give it a proper name, for instance school day.

You will now see all the activities with a green background. The template that you are now editing is a copy of the schedule you have created before. You can now adjust the template just like any ordinary schedule.

After this, you can now use the template by navigating to another day and clicking “Templates” again.

Now you can select the templates we have created (school day) and click “Use”. Now all the activities from the templates will be copied to the selected date.

You can also combine multiple templates by selecting them and clicking "Use".

How can I copy my schedule to another day?

Use the button "templates" to copy your schedule into a new template.

Navigate to the day that you want to create the schedule for, and click on "templates". Now, select the new template. Click on "use" and the day has been copied. You can use this template over and over again on different days.

How can I make changes to a template?

From the "Templates" menu, you can find a button behind each template. Click this button to edit the template.

You can tell that you are editing a template by the green background. You can edit the template just like an ordinary schedule.

How can I use templates to automatically repeat schedules?

You can automatically apply templates to the different days of the week.

Start creating the necessary templates, for instance "schoolday", "weekend" et cetera.

Now you can click "Automatically repeat template" in the client-screen (with the calendar).

You can now look at the templates that you want to repeat. For each template, check the boxes of the weekdays that you want planned.

Schedule on phone or tablet

How can I use my visual schedule on my phone or tablet?

First, use your Internet browser to create the visual schedule.

The schedule will be synchronized daily with the WebViewer and you can use it right on your phone or tablet.

How can I use my daily schedule on an Android phone?

Open the Google Play store and search for “AutiPlan". Install the app and follow the instructions on the screen.

How can I use my visual schedule on my tablet?

Do you have an android tablet? You can simply install the app from the Play store.

You can find this the fastest by searching for “AutiPlan".

On the iPad and other tablets you can use the browser. Login to and go to a person. Then follow the link on the right side of the screen to open the WebViewer.

How can I use my visual schedule with an iPad?

We created the PlanViewer especially to use on an iPad. You do not have to install the WebViewer through the app store.

The WebViewer does need an Internet connection to function .

To open the WebViewer, use the web browser to navigate to and click on a person in the planner. Follow the link on the right side of the screen to open the WebViewer.

Tip: add a bookmark to the start menu on the iPad. This way you can open the viewer as an app on the main screen and you can use it without opening the browser first.

Do you have an app for the iPhone/iPad?

Yes we do, you can find our app in the app store with the name PictureRoutines.

You can also search for the name 'PictureRoutines' directly from your phone or iPad.

Note: for the iPad you need to enable the filter for iPhone apps in the App store to be able to find the PictureRoutines app.

Android app

How can I set an alarm sound?

From the App, open the menu and choose “settings". You can enable notifications here.

Tip: don't forget to select a sound!

I have set notifications, but do not hear anything.

To make notifications audible, you also need to select the sound that you want. You can do this from the settings menu.

Do I continuously need an Internet connection?

The app needs an internet connection only once a day to download the schedule. After that you do not need an Internet connection any more.

What android version is needed for the app?

The app will work from version 4 and upwards. That’s Android Jelly Bean.

On which type of Android phones will the App work?

The App works on almost any modern android phone, but it needs an external storage card.  (SD card)

If you have a phone with a really small screen, it might not work optimal.

Does the app not work at all? Please let us know, perhaps we can help you with that.

Why does the App fail to synchronize?

Is the phone connected to the Internet? You can test this by visiting a website on your browser.

If this does not solve it, please let us know. We can probably help you fix it.

How can I use speech?

Speech works with a ‘TTS’ module. The language will be set to the phone’s language settings.

You can find the TTS modules in the play store. There are several voices available in different languages.

After installation, please configure the voice first on the phone itself. The settings are available in the settings menu on your phone.

After you have configured this, you can enable speech in the settings menu of the AutiPlan app.

Why are adjustments in the schedule not displayed in the app?

Currently, the App only synchronizes once a day. You can synchronize it on demand however. Use the menu and click refresh to download the latest schedule from the servers.

Is your question missing? Please let us know using the contact form or send us an e-mail.