New features: checklists and instructions!


With checklists you can add a set of steps to an activity, each with its own picture and description, on how to perform that activity or task. The steps can be as fine grained as needed.

So now AutiPlan not just tells a person when an activity should be started; but can also provide detailed help on how to actually do it! For example; you can schedule an activity 'Pack bag' and then add steps below that activity 'Pack lunchbox', 'Pack shoes', 'Get swim-gear' and so on.

You can find the new checklists when scheduling activities and then clicking the icon.


Another feature we have added are instruction texts. These can be used to provide a longer instruction text on an activity and optionally an URL to a website or for example an instruction video.

This is useful if you like to provide some more detail on how to perform an task or activity; or if you like to use other internet resources together with AutiPlan trough the link feature.

You can find the new instruction feature by clicking on the icon next to an activity.

This new feature also makes it possible to use Social Stories with AutiPlan. Social stories is an evidence based strategy to support a person with Autism, see this video to learn more about social stories.


As always: we are very interested to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think of the new checklists and instructions!

In the next news letter we will go in more depth on the different ways you can use checklists and instructions in practice.


We will use this blog and news section to keep you updated on the latest AutiPlan developments, interesting related news & tips and tricks on how to use the AutiPlan application.

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