Planner and viewer improvements!

Image sets

We improved image management in the planner; you can now organize your own images in different sets.

Each set can have its own name and optionally an image representing the set. This gives you more overview and makes it faster to get the correct image!

Beside creating your own image sets we also introduced 2 new sets:

  • Sclera light: lighter variant of the well known Sclera image set
  • Colourful: brand new colourful and lighter set

Colourful is a brand new image set we have specifically developed for AutiPlan. It consists of about 200 images, but we like to extend it on request of our users. So you can request an image your missing; we will add the most requested images regularly!

The Colourful set is part of the paid full version; however everyone can test it in the evaluation period.

Picture schedule overview for multiple people

We also added a way to display the schedule or checklists for multiple persons in one screen, in a column based layout.

This is ideal to continuously show an overview for a group on a central PC screen or wall mounted display!

You can find this new feature in the PlanViewer screen; from the person detail screen.


We will use this blog and news section to keep you updated on the latest AutiPlan developments, interesting related news & tips and tricks on how to use the AutiPlan application.

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