Now available: week overviews!

We have regulary had requests to add a weekoverview to AutiPlan and are very happy to announce these are now available!

The weekview can be used to give the person using the visual schedules a good overview of the major events in a specific week.

How does it work?

In the screen where you add activities for a specific day you can now indicate if a day activity should also be show in the week overview. You can do this by clicking the icon.

You can then use the print button to export week overviews. The weekoverview is also available in the webviewer as a new tab in the bottom part of the screen. Week views are also a good combination with day colors.

In the future we are also going to add additional priting settings and will make the week overview availble in the android app.

Other smaller improvements

  • - Templates are now also visible in the person detail screen
  • - The button for automatic repetion of templates is now moved to the person detail screen.
  • - You can now copy templates, click the button.

We need your feedback!

To give everyone the chance to test the new weekoverviews they are available to all users for the a limited time, so try it out!

Missing something or do you have a suggestion for improvement? Let us know, we like to keep improving AutiPlan!


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