Improvements to printing and planviewer

We have received a lot of useful feedback and we are happy to report that many of the suggestions have been implemented in the new version that is available now.

What has changed?

New print layout settings

It is now possible to customize the layout of the printed planner:

  • Print the planner in two columns
  • Enable or disable the clock pictogram what description
  • Choose the size of the pictogram clock and text
  • Print a custom text on each page
  • The timer for the PlanViewer on PC, laptop and tablet
  • The timer in the PlanViewer shows the current and remaining time more clearly, just like it does in the android app.

Improved planviewer

The timer in the planviewer now shows the current and remaining time more clearly. (Just like in the Android app)

Also, we have made the PlanViewer more configurable, you can now adjust settings to make it just right for you.


This is also a new feature which is frequently requested. You can now configure a color for each day of the week, which will be shown in the PlanViewer and also in the printed planner. Availability

Let us know what you think!

These new features are part of the full version of AutiPlan, but they are available to everyone in the following weeks. This gives you the opportunity to try these innovations and see if they work for you.

We hope that these will prove to be useful additions. As always, please contact us if you have any questions or if there is room for improvement!


We will use this blog and news section to keep you updated on the latest AutiPlan developments, interesting related news & tips and tricks on how to use the AutiPlan application.

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