Plan even more efficient with week schedules

We constantly strive to improve picto planning with AutiPlan. Even more important if you use AutiPlan on a daily basis: that's when improvements and time saving really counts.

When planning daily often days look alike a lot. With plan templates it is possible to quickly schedule repeating days.

A new feature we introduced is combining of different templates on a single day. For example: you can combine the template "Morning" and "Afternoon" by applying them to the same day. The planner will combine the activities into one day schedule.

Also new is the automatic week schedules. This works together with the plan templates. This way you can let the system automatically plan Monday to Tuesdays using the template "Schoolday", and the Saturday and Sunday with "Weekend". It is possible to select a different template for each day of the week.

The scheduled templates will be automatically used and displayed on the phone app and PlanViewer!

Of course schedules can always change: you can always make an exception from the automatic schedule for specific days. In this way you can save time and still be flexible.

We really hope you enjoy working with templates and automatic schedules. Suggestions or comments? Let us know!


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