AutiPlan is succeeded by RoutineFactory

RoutineFactory is our new product that can do everything that AutiPlan can do and much more!

More information on the RoutineFactory website

Improvements in the app and new images!

We some news about a an app update and a lot of new images in the Colourfull image set!

App for iPhone / iPad is now available!

I did take a bit of time but we are very happy to announce the first version of our app for iPhone / iPad!

Synchronize your dayschedule complete with pictures, alarm en speech to your iPhone!

You can install the app with the name "PictureRoutines" directly from the App Store. Search for "AutiPlan" or "PictureRoutines".

Tip: select "iPhone only" apps in the App Store on an iPad to install.

We like to invite you to test the app and let us know your feedback, we will keep improving and updating the app in the upcoming months!

New images in the "Colourful" pictureset.

There are now 64 brand new images available in the "Colourful" pictureset.

The images are the most requested by AutiPlan users trough the "Suggest" feature; thanks for all the suggestions!

In the following months we will collect more suggestions and once more extend the set.

A few examples of new pictograms:

New features: checklists and instructions!

We are very excited to announce an important new feature: checklists for activities. This often requested feature opens up a lot of different new ways in which AutiPlan can be used to help a person.

Planner and viewer improvements!

We improved image management in the planner and also introduced a new viewer where you can show schedules for multiple persons in one screen!

AutiPlan speed upgrade

We are, as always, busy to further improve AutiPlan. Today we upgraded to a new, faster server.

The difference is quite noticeable, AutiPlan has become more than twice as fast!

But that is not the only thing we have been working on! We are creating a new set of pictograms. We hope that this can be put to use in a few weeks and that it will be well received! You can already see a small preview.

There are also quite a few other minor improvements, such as improving the way that the pictograms can be dragged and enabling you to switch the 18 + icons off.

You can read more about this in the next newsletter!

AutiPlan animation on YouTube!

We have created a nice animation to explain to people why it is very beneficial to create a Visual Schedule. Of course, we also mention how AutiPlan can help!

We hope that many will share this video, so that a lot of people can benefit from using Visual Schedules and our helpful tool!

Now available: week overviews!

We have regulary had requests to add a weekoverview to AutiPlan and are very happy to announce these are now available!

The weekview can be used to give the person using the visual schedules a good overview of the major events in a specific week.

AutiPlan goes Royal

At the recently held exhibition Carefestival in Denmark, our Danish AutiPlan partner Stefan Jacobsen was invited by The National Association for Autism to show AutiPlan to their protector Princess Marie. The Princess was very interested and asked questions about its functions, use and how many people were helped by AutiPlan.

It truly was a great day for AutiPlan.

Improvements to printing and planviewer

We have received a lot of useful feedback and we are happy to report that many of the suggestions have been implemented in the new version that is available now.

Villa Kakel Kip from Emmeloord

Every now and then, we will let the customer of AutiPlan do the talking. This time you will hear about the experiences of Villa Kakel Kip from Emmeloord (NL).

It's been three years since Villa Kakel Kip opened her doors.

Villa Kakel Kip is originally a (small) day care and respite in Emmeloord. We now have a nice package in which we can support many children. We stand for creative activities, safety and involvement, increasing self-reliance and much fun.

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We have made improvements to the PlanViewer, time and date format and others.

Plan even more efficient with week schedules

We constantly strive to improve picto planning with AutiPlan. Even more important if you use AutiPlan on a daily basis: that's when improvements and time saving really counts.

That's why we would like to introduce two new features: combine templates and automatic schedules!

Finally: the new android App is available!

We had a lot of requests asking when the app would be released for the new Planner, and we are very happy it is now available.

Read on for the details and an overview of all the features!

New time picker & template improvements

We have been busy working on AutiPlan, lots of new functionality and small improvements in:

  • Time selection
  • Templates
    • Also first status update on the Android app ...

      Read on for the details!

Add your own pictos!

You can now add your own pictos in the new planner version, just click the button next to the category selection in the picto list.

Let us know if it doesn't work for you or if you have other ideas or suggestions. All feedback welcome!

New employees

The calls for help have pretty much been answered. We would like to welcome Marieke, Iris, Ineke and Sarah to the AutiPlan team!

Testers Wanted!

We're still looking for people who want to test the new planner and to share their experiences with us! Positive or negative, we welcome any feedback. Try it yourself on


We organised a logo design contest at 99Designs and are very happy with the result! Now it's up to us to get to work and we are busy with developing all kinds of promotional material.


NVA fair

Come on 5th and 6th October to the Annual Autism Congress of the NVA, to develop your knowledge and learn new information.


We have gotten a Facebook page recently, please like us to spread the word!


New version planner

There has been an awful lot of progress since the last newsletter, and we continue to build steadily! Those who have followed us on Twitter are already quite aware of the developments, but a summary is below:

New website arriving soon!

The new website is almost ready. We want it to go online soon, replacing the current site. It remains possible to access the "old" version of the planner, but the new version is much easier to navigate.

If you use the Android app, then it is best to continue using the old version. In the future, we will update the Android app so that it works properly with the new version.

Support us

We would like to reach everyone that would be able to benefit from AutiPlan. If you can help us to achieve this goal we would be very grateful indeed.

AutiPlan 2.0!

To get AutiPlan up-to-date and compatible with the latest technologies, such as tablets and smartphones we started a complete rewrite of the picto-planner.

This new version will be more intuitive and even simpler to operate, fully supporting drag and drop. You will even be able to create a picto-planner on any tablet like the iPad or Android. All you need is a modern web browser.


Android app

Over a year ago, we published the AutiPlan app on the Android Market so that a large group of people could try it out and test it. Several issues have been fixed and many of the suggested improvements have been added. It is time to declare it ‘done’ and start to make it available for full-version users only.


We are not setting a date just yet. We may well wait until it is fully integrated with the new planner.

Danish version

Thanks to Stefan at, the entire website, web application and pictograms have been translated to Danish and made available via


Stefan is doing excellent work promoting AutiPlan in Denmark.

We are also looking for resellers in other countries.

AutiPlan is going Pro!

In the past years AutiPlan has welcomed a lot of new users, last month the 10.000th user registered! Working on Autiplan has been very satisfying, due to the many thank-you notes and great feedback we have received over the past years.

Now, the original lead programmer will join me to try to make AutiPlan a commercial success as well. We already have a fantastic product, but now we will put a great deal more effort into marketing, enhanced support and increasing its use within schools and other institutions and environments.



We will use this blog and news section to keep you updated on the latest AutiPlan developments, interesting related news & tips and tricks on how to use the AutiPlan application.

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